Scotch and Folk Methods and Options

Jock organizes nosing and tasting sessions for groups from ten people. A larger group is no problem! If you would like to get more information please use the phonenumber or emailaddress via the menu to the left. You can outline your wishes for an event and the number of people whom you anticipate will take part. The cost: negotiable. Depends on your request (the distance to travel,  number of musicians etc.) Jock lives in Arnhem.







Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Scotch and Folk Whisky Nosing and Tasting (starter session):

* the difference between single malt whisky and blended whisky

* how whisky is made: explanation of the distilling process

* whisky regions of Scotland

* Yes or No to water in the whisky, which glass to use

* colour and 'legs' of the whisky, taste, smell, aftertaste

* giving words to what you taste and smell (iodine, vanilla, chocolate, grannies old socks...)

* using a tasting wheel

* tall stories about whisky

* music when requested (vocals and guitar, percussion, autoharp, concertina, whistles, fiddle) 

Scotch and Folk Master Class A specific regions:Lowlands, Highlands, Islay, Islands, Speyside, Campbeltown

* more specific knowledge

* types of wood from which the barrels are made

* influence of water and minerals in the water to the final taste

* colour and 'legs' of the whisky, taste, smell, aftertaste

* tall stories about whisky

* music when requested 

Scotch and Folk Master Class B independent bottlers:

Murray MacDavid, Signatory, MacLeod, Compass Box etc.

* for content Masterclass B see Master class A  


Scotch and Folk Whisky Ceilidh:


A party that is very well suited for bigger groups! The accent can be on Scottish Folk Music and/or Scottish Ceilidh Dancing. A whisky nosing and tasting session is part of the event (18+). A great way to celebrate (a special birthday) for the whole family!

 A Whisky Party (Ceilidh) may consist of the following:

* whisky nosing and tasting with food (type of whiskies negotiable)

*Scottish and Irish melancholic ballads and fun songs to sing along

* learning one or two Scottish dances (Strip The Willow, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Gay Gordons etc.)

Music and Dances are performed by the Step-We-Ceilidh Band